Top 3 Tips to Choose a Cleanse

Choose the right cleanseDisappointed by Cleanses that Promise More than they Deliver?

Here are three tips to choose a cleanse that’s right for YOU:

Cleanses promise quick results from diet changes like going raw, vegan, juicing or fasting. But everybody is different and what works for one person, may be ineffective or even harmful to another. So how do you choose?

First, look at what your reasons are for doing a Cleanse. Do you suffer from allergies or food sensitivities? Are headaches, joint pain, reflux or IBS something you tired of living with?

You might want to jump-start a weight loss or healthy eating plan. Or perhaps you’ve tried losing weight and it just doesn’t budge. The right Cleanse can help.

If you avoid all cooked foods and choose to go raw you will get more enzymes, but if you have any digestive issues, the nutrients might be hard to absorb or worse, may aggravate those issues.

Juicing is great for people who have trouble absorbing nutrients. Those who are hypoglycemic or diabetic should be careful. Without fiber to balance the absorption of sugar, your blood sugar will probably become erratic—not exactly what you’re looking for, right?

Secondly, if your intention is to detoxify, processed shakes, supplements, or energy bars will only add to your toxic load. Easy and quick foods do have a cost. Whole foods can be quick and you can keep your Cleanse simple, but think twice about pre-packaged plans.

A third tip is to examine your lifestyle. If you are about to go to a wedding, for example, it’s probably not the time to start. Frequent traveling makes things more difficult as well. It’s not impossible, but commitment to a nourishing, balanced Cleanse requires planning—not a week of on-the-run eating.

I’ll be talking about more great tips on How to Choose the Right Cleanse for You on my Free Teleseminar, Thursday, May 28th from 12 to 1 p.m. EDT. We will cover not just what not to do, but the benefits of particular cleanse options, so please join us. You’ll want to attend live so you can get your questions answered and receive a free shopping list to get you started. Click here for all the details.

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