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How to Talk to Your Partner About Being Highly Sensitive

As a highly sensitive woman, I found the whole dating thing difficult. While I ended up dating for quite some time before I met the man I married, I never particularly enjoyed the dance. To me, the initial getting acquainted process felt awkward and the phases of becoming more intimate also caused me discomfort.

It was wonderful to finally find someone who had an authenticity I recognized, along with a great sense of humor and the same quiet nature I had. Even though we’re both sensitive, we didn’t always know it or even express it in the same ways.

Without the language of sensitivity, including recognizing your traits and needs, relationships can be difficult. Whether each of you is sensitive, one is, and one isn’t or whether you have other differences in temperament, communication is the key to having a lasting relationship.

Since Highly Sensitive People (HSP) comprise only 20 percent of the population, creating the kind of understanding we need is often a Herculean task. We need to know how to describe who we are and convey why our needs might be a bit different, along with stepping into our partner’s shoes to see how their needs might contrast with ours.

We will talk about traits, temperaments, the topics to discuss in relationships and those you may wish to avoid at our next Meetup, Navigating Life with a Highly Sensitive Nature on Saturday, September 14 at 11 a.m. at the Center for Spiritual Emergence, 370 N. Louisiana Avenue, Suite D1, Asheville. You can sign up here.

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