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Sheryl brought me focus and inspiration, shining light on my strengths and supporting me through my weaknesses. This understanding, along with her compassionate and motivating manner, helped me move forward with my dreams. Thanks again for everything. It was a wonderful experience! ~Karen C., MA

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Highly Sensitive People are individuals, yet we tend to have a few things in common. We might react to foods more than others in terms of weight, rashes, cravings, headaches or other symptoms. That means we need to figure out what works for our bodies through an elimination protocol.

As highly sensitive people, we usually feel things more deeply than others and our senses are more acute. We need to protect ourselves from over-exposure to violence, negativity, and a level of empathy that makes someone else’s pain feel like ours.

Our senses can delight us, since sights, sounds, touch and smell are powerful antennae for our finely tuned energy. The reverse is also true.

We can be overwhelmed by bright lights, noisy crowds, perfumes and chemicals or even a massage that feels too intense. How do we manage our unique nature in a world that can often seem too harsh? Through using tools like Sensitivity Mapping™ and learning to honor who we are by the choices we make.

As Highly Sensitive People we seem to be hard-wired with a connection to nature, the earth, animals, humanity, and the resulting pain that goes right to the heart when we experience an injustice or cruelty that affects any of those connections.

That’s why I believe our consciousness is being called forth to pursue our individual passions and lead humanity to a deeper level of empathy and consciousness. So where do we go from here?

Thriving through Sensitivity™ is designed to help you connect to your highly sensitive nature on a deeper level, expanding your life in the direction of your dreams. We will create a customized program for you to realize your most precious desires.

Using tools like the Spheres of Influence™, Sensitivity Mapping™, advanced Nourishment Awareness™, and creating an environment that supports your Gifts, I’m your Champion in creating the passionate, full expression of You—in your career, your life’s mission, your creative expression, and simply your joy—to bring out the uniquely powerful expression of life’s energy that is your birthright!

How It Works:

  • Two 50-minute private coaching calls per month (6- or 12-month options)
  • A one-day retreat in the mountains of North Carolina or on the phone. We will focus on your Highly Sensitive Person Nourishing Lifestyle Plan™ as well as the area(s) we decide would best help you move forward. As HSPs, we need time to process new ideas and enjoy some quality alone time, so we will have breaks between the sessions.

Throughout Your Customized Coaching Program We Will Draw From a Wealth of Experience and Tools, Including:

  • *Spheres of InfluenceHighly Sensitive People have six areas of Influence that affect your sensitivities, either by opening them up or shutting them down. These include your Environment, Relationships, Nourishment, Spirituality, Work and Health. We will delve into each area as we coach together to help you find the balance you need to turn your sensitivities into assets.
  • Sensitivity Assessment and Mapping – What if you were born into a world that treasured your sensitivities? You were actually meant to tap into your Special Gifts and use them to thrive. Unfortunately, they weren’t valued by Western society and you may have felt they were happening to you instead of for you. We will help you identify the gifts of your sensitivities and learn empowering techniques so that they can best serve you and your success.
  • Advanced Nourishment Awareness – You may be aware that certain foods make you feel bloated and sluggish or edgy and anxious. We use your growing awareness of your sensitivities to discover how to best nourish yourself for maximum energy, better moods, greater health and the highest vibration of your sensitive nature, using a Highly Sensitive Person Nourishing Lifestyle Plan™. I offer a complete food sensitivity coaching program as well.
  • Identify the True Desires of Your Highest Self – Like a compass that always finds True North, we have a driving passion in this life (no matter how deeply buried) that only we can fulfill. Each aspect of your program puts together another piece of the puzzle to help you discover your true passion that will bring you vibrantly, joyfully alive!
  • Create a Vibrant Vision of Your Life and Career – As you feel more grounded, draw strength from your gifts and experience greater health, your focus naturally shifts to how you can make your life even better.I can’t wait to help you paint the picture of your true desire for your vibrant life! You’ll be amazed at what flows from you once we get started…

When I first came to Sheryl, I was constantly feeling sick—pain, headaches, extreme fatigue and brain fog. I went for many tests, but there were no answers. What Sheryl has done to help me overcome these issues is remarkable!

When I was feeling stuck and alone in my life, Sheryl brought me back into balance. She taught me about eating whole food and the effects of processed food. She guided me to recognize the effects of emotional eating and how to overcome the cravings. She helped me honor my sensitivities as an Empath and follow my heart to believe in myself.

Sheryl works using love, compassion, knowledge, integrity, passion, empowerment–the list goes on. I had food sensitivity testing with Sheryl and now know which foods to avoid and when foods are not reacting well in my body, how to take care of myself.

I am treating the body as sacred and honoring my sensitivities. My confidence level has grown. I have been able to push forward and follow my life purpose. Sheryl is someone who understands the needs of the sensitive individual. She helps you find yourself and honor who you are in every way. She’s an astounding, remarkable woman and I would highly recommend her!
-Tanya P., MA

If you can’t stand the way things are anymore and you’re ready for a life-changing experience, I have designed this program for you! I know change can be intimidating for most of us at times, but with a safe, supportive coach you can do this, one step at a time.

Your sensitivities will guide us, and your new life will be amazing! You will know the peace that comes from living life your way–even if you’ve always felt different.

You will come to know the environment, food, relationships, climate, work and spiritual practices that uplift your soul and bring out your special gifts. You will be ready to share those gifts on a higher level and experience the success that flows from you when you’re in sync with life. You will be YOU and the world will be better for it!

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Your Experience Includes Results Like:

  • More Vitality and Aliveness
  • Self-Nurturing Skills that Empower Your Sensitive Nature
  • A Healthier Body in Terms of Health, Weight, Chronic Symptoms
  • Connection and a Sense of Community with Other Highly Sensitive People
  • Deeper Understanding of Your Essential Purpose
  • Better Moods, Energy, and Enthusiasm for Life
  • Moving Past Places Where You Felt Stuck
  • Eliminate or Reduce Food Sensitivities
  • A New, Masterful Way of Relating to Your World
  • Greater Confidence in Your Unique Abilities
  • A New Vision for Your Powerful, Passionate Nature

If you would like to have a brief conversation about how to get on the path to feeling great, click here to set up your personal, complimentary consultation. It’s time you experienced the best of YOU!

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