Highly Sensitive People:
You Were Meant to Love Life
and Have it Love You Back!

Highly Sensitive People–are you feeling tired, overwhelmed or stuck? If you’ve reached the point where you’ve had enough and you’re ready for something fresh, different and powerful in your life, these programs were created to get you there.

We’ll decide whether you need support with food and lifestyle changes to feel and look better or if it’s food sensitivities that are creating havoc with your health. In either case, there’s a health program for that.

I also offer a customized, private health coaching program that delivers an amazing, life-changing experience, especially for highly sensitive people. You’ll learn to tap into your sensitive nature to be your guide–it’s not about finding parking spots (although that’s often a perk), but intuitively knowing what your next best move is to create the life that’s meant for you.

Your unique nature needs to be supported by an environment that uplifts, comforts, inspires, and nurtures you and I’ll help you manifest that.

As a highly sensitive person, we use your gifts and your vision with the tools I’ve developed to embrace and express your passion–and that’s when you truly come alive! Wherever you are in your life, we work collaboratively to create a unique program for you to achieve what you desire.

I wasn’t supporting myself in any way before. It has been a revelation to me to learn what I need to do to thrive, including all the areas where I wasn’t seeking support—friends, family, work… you were the only one I know who got as excited as I did about me trying Swiss Chard! I had specific things I had to do after each session and that kept me moving forward. I feel so much better now; nothing could make me go back to my old ways!”
~Julie S., Providence, RI


Revitalize You
Resolving Food Sensitivities
Thriving Through Sensitivity

Contact me today and together, we’ll decide which program will help you get on the path to feeling great, with a free confidential consultation.

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