Ah-Choo! Spring Has Sprung

Daffodils burst into bloom. Buds pop out on the trees. A few warm days and we’re thinking spring again. While the end of cold, gray weather makes us cheer, those of us with spring allergies are already blowing our noses, dabbing runny eyes, and getting those itchy allergy sensations that make us irritable to say the least.

We have an assortment of over-the-counter medications we can take to ease the symptoms, but they often come with side effects, such as drowsiness and irritability. These medications are also full of mysterious chemicals that tax the liver while it’s trying to keep up with clearing the body of toxins.

Everyone has their own alternatives and here are some of mine:

  • Use a Netti pot (used to drain the sinuses with salt water)
  • Epsom salt baths cleanse the toxins from the body. You might add a little lavender to make it more relaxing.
  • Drink plenty of water; half your weight in ounces.
  • I drink ginger tea with lemon and honey too. The ginger reduces inflammation and the honey, if local, helps the body cope with local pollen.
  • If you live near the ocean, going by the seashore will reduce your suffering.
  • Salt caves are becoming popular around the country and will have the same effect as going to the ocean.

You might find that your allergies become too overpowering or a secondary condition like asthma may set in; if so, see your doctor. In the meantime, start a practice of using these natural alternatives to keep your allergies at bay.

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