Highly Sensitive People:
Live an Energized and Passionate Life

Highly Sensitive People – What Makes You Tick? (Free Assessment)

Have you been wanting to…

  • Create a life that nourishes your unique sensitive nature?
  • Feel more positive, energized and alive?
  • Realize your innate strengths?
  • Feel better in your body?
  • Find and follow your passion in a way that truly expresses your spirit?
  • Know the success that comes from being your own person?
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I am your personal advocate for living an energized, nourishing and passionate life.

I will help you revitalize your life with vibrant health. You’ll experience exhilarating transformations on the things you thought were hopeless, and you’re likely to fall in love with life again like you did as a small child!

As a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, specializing in Highly Sensitive People, I am your personal advocate for finding strength in your sensitivity and living an energized, nourishing and passionate life.

Whatever your concerns are, my role is to help you discover which environmental and lifestyle choices will work best for you to support the life you desire.

A true holistic and sensitive approach to life incorporates all things that nourish you–not just food.

These include an empowering approach that nurtures and explores your sensitivities, a connection to something greater, discovering what ignites your passion, and having fun with movement to enhance energy flow.

A Few Comments from My Clients

“I had tried dieting and lost a few pounds, but nothing really changed. This program affected my whole life! It never occurred to me before that I could actually lose the weight (48 lbs.). Once you get the junk (food) out, you can really hear your body. I never felt hungry before—now I feel hunger.

I wasn’t supporting myself in any way before. It has been a revelation to me to learn what I need to do to thrive, including all the areas where I wasn’t seeking support—friends, family, work…you were the only one I know who got as excited as I did about me trying Swiss Chard! I had specific things I had to do after each session and that kept me moving forward. I feel so much better now; nothing could make me go back to my old way of eating!” ~Julie S., RI

“When I first came to Sheryl, I was constantly feeling sick–pain, headaches, extreme fatigue and brain fog. I went for many tests, but there were no answers. What Sheryl has done to help me overcome these issues is remarkable! When I was feeling stuck and alone in my life, Sheryl brought me back into balance. She taught me about eating whole food and the effects of processed food. She guided me to recognize the effects of emotional eating and how to overcome the cravings. She helped me honor my sensitivities as an Empath and follow my heart to believe in myself.

Sheryl works using love, compassion, knowledge, integrity, passion, empowerment–the list goes on. I had food sensitivity testing with Sheryl and now know which foods to avoid and when foods are not reacting well in my body, how to take care of myself.

I am treating the body as sacred and honoring my sensitivities. My confidence level has grown. I have been able to push forward and follow my life purpose. Sheryl is someone who understands the needs of the sensitive individual. She helps you find yourself and honor who you are in every way. She’s an astounding, remarkable woman and I would highly recommend her!” -Tanya P., MA

“I have lost 22 pounds! I feel more confident, more assertive and I’m making better food choices.” ~Joyce F., MA

“I came to Sheryl experiencing achiness, knee pain, lethargy and depression. I stopped eating wheat and started feeling great! Sheryl showed me the way to my health. Her help was tremendous! I had a 95 percent improvement in my pain.

My clothes are loose, and people are noticing. I learned to let go of resistance and noticed improvement. I have felt a boost in self esteem, concentration and focus. I learned lots of different things about bringing my life up to the level I want it to be. I learned to leave the past, live in the present and not worry about the future… and to love more.” ~Naumita D., FL

Could one phone call change your life?

You are invited to a free Discovery Session to discuss what you have always imagined for your life. We discover what would be most helpful to you. For example, we might delve more deeply into your sensitive nature, discuss your health history, food sensitivities or special concerns and goals.

This 20-minute session is a great way to explore those desires yearning to emerge and gain some practical advice for your next steps in transitioning to healthier, more powerful living.

Sheryl Worthington

It may even be a turning point in your life.

Whether you are ready to change your eating habits, your health, your career or your life, I’ll help you confidentially explore your alternatives and discover a way of living that supports and enhances your beautiful, sensitive nature.

If this resonates with you, please click here to contact me.

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